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Micro sieves

Micro sieves. Filter system


Micro sieves are made of perforated sheet by electroplating in accordance with the requirements of Russian and international standards. The material of the perforated material is electroplated Nickel.

A method of obtaining cloths determines the shape of the hole is conical and pyramidal, which significantly reduces the blockage of the sieve holes material - smaller cross-section, the hole is in the direction of flow of the material.

Canvases are mounted in the housings, allowing the use of sieves in a public sifting installations, both domestic and foreign manufacture. Enclosure sizes can be standard size with a diameter of 100 and 200 mm, and agreed with the customer.



Micro sieves suitable for dry sieving (holes 25 µm), and wet sieving fine powders is in a range of diameters from 5 to 100 μm.

One example of the use of micro sieves is a compact filter system connected to a medical syringe. The basis of this system is Nickel blade with a diameter of 27 mm, produced by electroforming with a hole size of 5 to 100 μm.

The price of product is determined by its technical characteristics.


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