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The negative photoresist

Negative photoresist alkaline water for existence

The photoresist is intended to implement photolithographic processes with subsequent galvanic deposition of metals in the manufacture of integrated circuits, printed microplate, electroharmonix Sith, and in other areas where methods used precision photolithography and electroforming. The photoresist is made on the basis of copolymers of methacrylic number.

The formation of a film on the substrate is carried out by centrifugation or by immersion in a solution. High quality formed in the photoresist relief is achieved as a result of the drying and light curing of the exposed areas.

To ensure light curing photoresist film before exposure is covered by the protective layer protecting against the access of oxygen. Apply a protective layer by immersion in a solution or irrigation.

The photoresist feature is the vertical profile of the existence of any thickness. Produced the photoresist, producing films with a thickness of from 5 μm to 400 μm.

Technical data photoresist

Appearance viscous transparent liquid pink or blue color
Kinematic viscosity, mm g/c  
Typical film thickness, microns NF-5-10
Developer 2% solution of sodium carbonate
The conditions of drying of the photoresist 60 - 80°C, 20 - 30 min.
The conditions of drying of the protective layer 20 - 30°C until dry.
Spectral sensitivity, nm 330 - 410
The resolution of the photoresist thickness
5 - 10 µm
25 - 27 µm

15 - 20 µm
35 - 40 µm

Temperature resistance manifested of relief (no distortion of the size of elements) up to 170 - 180°C




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