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Manufacturing of UV curing polymers
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
Lenin Av., 88/4
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About the company

The company's main goal is to implement new technologies using photosensitive polymeric materials in various spheres of production with further support of our partners.

Special attention is devoted to the introduction of new unparalleled technology, ensuring high quality, reliability and low production cost. Our organization is constantly increasing product range and quantity. Our production capacity allows us to provide individual approach to each of our clients. We are able to develop solutions for your technical requirements and tasks.

Special attention is given to promotion of UV curing adhesives (UV glue) on the Russian market. We offer a range of universal UV adhesives and UV-polymers of different viscosity. Application of UV-polymers is very diverse, the only condition is that one of the bonded components has to pass ultraviolet radiation. UV glue is widely used in production of glass products. UV adhesives bond glass to glass, metal, wood, stone, rubber, etc. UV adhesive "Spectrum" is well established on the Russian market, it surpasses foreign analogues in some features. Our prices for UV polymers are much lower than at foreign counterparts. UV adhesive "Spectrum" does not require special fluids for glass processing before bonding.

Our company is interested in cooperation on various activities. We are ready to consider any proposals and immediately let you know about our interest.


Adhesive and accessories for bonding using UV technology UV lamp for bonding Examples of bonding using UV technology
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