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Questions and answers about UV gluing

Questions and answers about UV gluing:

Why the need for UV glue, and he is better than other glues?
UV glue "Spectrum" is used for high-quality bonding of glass with different materials. Why qualitative? The fact that in comparison with sealants and other adhesives it gives a smoother seam, but rather, it is the outer part that looks more aesthetically pleasing. Also the seam strength above the strength of the glass, which gives the opportunity to use the product under load (glass racks, shelves, cupboards, tables). Glued products can be used in wet rooms, bathrooms. The area of application of UV glue "Spectrum" are endless, and depends on design ingenuity, technological decorating furniture and interiors, from the scope of the use of glass and products from it.

The conditions in which to store the UV glue?
UV glue "Spectrum" should be stored in a dark place, without access to UV rays. Storage temperature +10..+15 degrees. In a domestic environment can be stored in the fridge (refrigerator compartment). Do not neglect the temperature, because it increases the shelf life of UV glue.

What viscosity UV glue to glue a rough surface?
The process of gluing it is necessary to treat the surfaces on the machine. This is necessary for uniform distribution of tightening efforts of the adhesive joint. And in the adhesive seam untreated, or poorly machined parts is uneven distribution of internal stresses that can lead to peeling or destruction of the parts. Therefore, if such a situation arose, for example, when buying low-quality hardware (meets with "weak" angles), or not possible to process glass edge, it is necessary to apply a more dense and elastic adhesive, for example "K-16B", or "K-8B".

Is it possible to disassemble the glued product?
There are times when it is necessary to dismantle glued the product due to improper positioning of the parts when gluing. This can be done through building dryer, evenly heating the bonding to a temperature of 100-120 degrees. Then, carefully, along the contour, an incision is made into the blade. It's easy to do, because UV glue becomes soft from the heat. Detail is removed, and the remains of the glue removed with a razor blade.

Can I use UV glue in the manufacture of aquariums?
It is theoretically possible. Long-term tests has not been undertaken, but the glass cube is completely immersed in water for 2 months, has stood the test, and changes the strength of the adhesive joint was not. Usually in the manufacture of aquariums plays the role of another aspect: the cost of UV glue is several times higher than the price of the sealant and, therefore, the price of the aquarium also will rise, which will reduce consumer demand.



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