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Research & Production Group SPECTRUM Ltd.
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Product name
Price, $
UV adhesive “SPECTRUM” - adhesive for UV bonding of glass products,  
including glass with metal, stone and other materials
K-59H - of low viscosity, elastic (polymer for repairing cracks on glass, repair of car glasses, headlights) 18$ / 3.53oz
K-58H - of low viscosity, elastic (in-plane bonding, manufacture of triplex) 18$ / 3.53oz
K-55H - of low viscosity, elastic (manufacturer of glass constructions, fusing decal, facets, supports for table tops) 18$ / 3.53oz
K-24C - of medium viscosity (making glass constructions, bonding of various supports) 18$ / 3.53oz
K-22B - of high viscosity (vertical bonding, boding of facets, fusing, polymer for repair of car glasses) 18$ / 3.53oz
K-16B - of high viscosity (vertical bonding, fusing decal, polymer for repair of car glasses) 18$ / 3.53oz
K-8B - of high viscosity (vertical bonding, production of souvenirs) 18$ / 3.53oz
UV-resin for bonding paper with glass (glass decoration) 18$ / 2.5gallon
UV-gel construction
140$ / 35.3oz
 Auxiliary accessories for bonding
 UV lamp for bonding (Philips, 40W, 600mm) 2450
 Removable bulb Philips, 40W, 600mm 1100
 UV lamp for bonding (SLV, 40W, 600mm) 2150
 Remoable bulb SLV, 40W, 600mm 810
 UV lamp for bonding (Philips, 80W, 1500mm), to order 4800
 UV lamp for bonding facets, fusing (11W, G23) 2300
 Removable bulb KL 11 (11W, G23) 390
 UV lamp for bonding (SLV, 20W, E27 without light) 1350
 UV lantern UV51LED (reflector diameter 55mm) 1450
 UV lantern UV100LED (working area diameter 75mm) 2600
 Glasses for protection from UV radiation 680
 The glass cleaner before bonding Cosmofen 390 за 1л
 Negative photoresist of water-alkali manifestations: resolution of 15-20 μm; 35-40 microns, 50-100 microns 1500 за 1 кг
 Dry film photoresist "SPECTRUM-PF” 140 за м2
Printing forms
 Plate with thickness of 2.84 mm; 6.35 mm (maximum size A3) negotiable  
Metal plates and sealers
 Polymeric metallized plates for embossing paper, leather. Brass plates for embossing paper with foil to order, negotiable




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